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Somthing2know Record Breaker of the Week: Ikogosi Warm Spring

Have you ever been to Ikogosi Warm Spring in Ekiti State? If you haven’t, you have missed the wonders of nature. This is a place that is a gift from God.  The Ikogosi Warm Springs is a tourist attraction located at Ikogosi, a town in Ekiti State, southwestern Nigeria. Flowing parallel to the warm water is another spring, a cold one. Both springs have closeness to each other, but each flow on its own up to the point where they converge, before they come together though, the both maintain their different characteristics, one being cold, the other warm. It is the point at which they meet which draws tourists to Ikogosi. Research suggested that the warm spring has a temperature of about 70oC at the source and 37oC at the confluence.

According to oral tradition, there was great hunter who had two wives. One had an extremely hot temper and the other was the quiet type. On one occasion, the two wives had a misunderstanding and were consequently reprimanded by their husband. Then the hot tempered wife transformed into the warm spring and the quiet wife as well turned into the cold spring.

At Ikogosi, visitors are entertained with myths such as this one to ensure that they have a delightful experience. This attraction offers the experience that anyone who requires a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life will certainly appreciate. 

For being the place where hot and cold water meet, Ikogosi warm water spring, in Ekiti State is certainly somthing2know record breaker of the week.

Nathaniel Udoh

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